HALKINART prints and garments are UNISEX in concept. = Give yourself permission to wear and be what ever makes you happy!

I am a self taught mixed media artist.  I up-cycle clothing. I hand paint patterns and transfer images onto a variety of garments creating one of a kind wearable art pieces. Now a version of those original pieces are made available to you here in the HALKINART store.

The made to order prints are a mash-up from my photography, mixed media paintings and one off pieces of art wear. Inspired by urban street scenes, rock & roll, classic muscle cars, elements from our natural world and the lines and forms of architecture, the work tends to lean towards the abstract with a dash of irreverence and subversive context. 

No two prints will be the same, the artwork changes as I add it to each piece. What started out as a painting or photograph can be manipulated into endless variations of the original artwork, creating endless print designs. 

I hope that a  HALKIN piece encourages you to unleash your playful, mischievous rebel spirit!


xo • m